Total Body Transformation Review

Christopher Guerriero, who is responsible for a series of weight loss books and programs, is back with Weight Loss Transformation or better known as the Total Body Transformation System.

This program takes you through a step-by-step process that claims to result in increased levels of energy – by improving your metabolism and achieve rapid weight loss.

Aside from Guerrieros expertise, the program offers a safe approach towards weight loss using a holistic combination of various methods that can benefit your inner body.

It includes motivational tips to can get you started on adapting a weight loss technique, increase your metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning machine, develop muscle strength, and increase your energy levels.

Included are further tips and information that will help make your weight loss efforts a success.

Among them is a discussion as to why most diets fail and how you can avoid them.

There are a total of 8 coaching audios available in this program so you can begin by targeting your problem areas then move on to further steps that you must take to improve your appearance.


1. With this program, there is no need to spend countless hours on the gym giving you big savings from gym membership fees.

2. Starvation diet is not a part of this program. Therefore, you can still enjoy your favorite foods while using the Weight Loss Transformation program.

3. Christopher Guerriero is an expert in the diet and nutrition field. He is also the founder for The National Metabolic and Longevity Research Center.

He has the credibility as well as the expertise in various fields including metabolic enhancement, weight loss, and longevity program to produce an effective yet safe weight loss method.

4. There are several user testimonials provided in his website that will give further credibility to the program.

5. There are two essential bonuses if you purchase this program: The Psychology of Weight Loss e-book and The Newly Updated 2 Day Workout E-book.

6. The program comes with an 8-week money back guarantee to ensure that all customers are satisfied.


1. There is really no breakthrough information provided here and most of the information contained are similar to the ones provided in Guerrieros other health and fitness books.


Banking of his expertise alone, Guerrieros Weight Loss Transformation – Audio Coaching Program can be considered a legitimate weight loss program that focuses on mastering your metabolism.

However, if youve been on search for a diet program that really works, then you might have already come across some of the information provided in this book.

While there are a few unique offerings that are products of Guerrieros extensive research, it could be easily replaced by some other diet programs available out there or even one of the books Guerriero have published previously.