Tool for developing and managing Oracle databases

Quest Software announces Toad for Oracle 10.5. The new version should be available from April 21 and be offered from € 791 per license (per seat). Some of the new features in version 10.5 support automation and help database administrators efficiently manage multiple complex databases in the enterprise.

Quest presents Toad for Oracle 10.5 for the first time at COLLABORATE 2010 in Las Vegas, April 18-22. In addition, Quest Software plans to provide an updated version of the Toad for Oracle freeware, designed to help users make the transition to the commercial version, with additional features compared to the previous freeware release.

The free version is available for download on Toad World , a toad sharing community platform.

The new features of Toad for Oracle 10.5 and related suites are included in all editions: Predictive Editing, Code Road Map, Auto Debugging, Auto Optimize, Automation Designer enhancements, and Spotlight on Oracle integration.

Predictive editing provides a suggestion list with the most common object names, variables, etc., as the code is written, allowing the user faster access to frequently used content. Code Road Map provides a visual, graphical view of code dependencies and relationships with other objects. The understanding of the user is thus improved, possible errors in the maintenance of the code are avoided.

USA ahead in public clouds

In the Public Cloud segment, only the US companies Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Salesforce offer services that customers can access flexibly over the Internet without restricted access. One of the few German providers in this segment is the Bertelsmann subsidiary Nionex, which offers an attractive alternative with clearly structured IaaS offerings.

IBM, T-Systems, Microsoft and HP are among the leading providers in providing customized Private Clouds. Although FTS, Pironet, Amazon and DTGK offer solutions here too, they are not at the level of the former in terms of attractiveness and competitive strength.


Microsoft is playing a leading role in integrating in-house IT with external cloud services as nearly all products can be run on their own (“dedicated”) or cloud-connected and interconnected networks.

The perception of the market as a “cloud provider” depends heavily on the cloud history and the current marketing budget of the investigated manufacturers. Thus, Amazon, IBM and Microsoft are well ahead of smaller providers such as Pironet and Nionex. However, an unclear strategy and a diffuse portfolio structure, even with market-leading technology providers such as HP or FTS, can lead to a distinctly weak market perception as a “cloud provider”.

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