Exercise for Weight Loss and Get Real Results

Should you concentrate on diet or exercise for weight loss ? Its true that of the two, diet is more critical for weight loss but there are so many benefits to exercise that youd be mad not to take advantage of them. Human bodies are built to exercise. Without regular exercise, your body will deteriorate and you wont operate at your full potential. Though you might start exercising to lose weight, youll find that there are many surprising and delightful side-benefits: work is less tiring, leisure time is more fun. Exercise is truly the fountain of youth.

Benefits of Exercise for Weight Loss

Increases your resting metabolic resting rate to burn calories more quickly
Builds muscles (that tone the body and burn calories more quickly)
Makes bones stronger (lessens risk of osteoporosis)
Lessens risk of disease
Greatly reduces risk of heart disease
Increases stamina
Improves lung function
Improves over-all fitness
Improves alertness
Decreases stress
Improves sleep
Improves self esteem
Reduces recovery time from illness
Reduces risk of dementia and Alzheimers
Can lengthen life and improves quality of life
Speeds healing in older adults
Helps joints including knees and hips.

Exercise for weight loss can help you fight negative habits such as over-eating and keep you motivated to lose weight. Many people think that exercise for weight loss is dull and to be avoided at all costs. But to have a fit body is to open the door to a whole new world of fun, healthy activities that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

Do you like beautiful scenery, mountain peaks, traveling in wilderness far from crowds? Perhaps youd love going on gentle walks or more demanding hikes where you sleep out under the stars. Would you love dancing the night away to great music? Would you like to catch up with friends over a game of tennis? Or to help coach your sons football team? Would you like to ski or skate with your daughter? Do you love the water? Perhaps youd like to paddle a canoe or sail or surf. Would you like to cycle through Provence? Here is a tip about exercise for weight loss. First talk to your doctor about the exercise you want to do and get the doctors approval. (This site has many great suggestions.) The first few times you go to a gym class or do an exercise routine at home you may not like it. You may get puffed or tired or bored. Hang in there. Persevere and improve. Dont give up just because you dont like it the first few times. Look around. Are there people who seem to enjoy this exercise or to gain satisfaction from doing it? Its likely you will too. If you are really unsure, ask the instructor if this exercise is suitable for you. If he or she gives you the go-ahead then give it a fair trial-say 10 sessions and see how you feel at the end.