Data synchronization, cloud backup and information sharing in the cloud services

The synchronization of data from different devices was previously only possible with manual effort or only between two devices, these hurdles belong with the cloud service of SugarSync now a thing of the past. Over the Internet, SugarSync automatically matches the data of various devices and also secures them online.

SugarSync is a synchronization service across multiple devices and platforms. Via the cloud service, which is now also available in a German version, data can be transferred, synchronized, supplemented or updated from any Mac, PC or mobile device. In addition, SugarSync Online creates backup copies of all synchronized data so that the user can always access it via the Internet.

To gain a foothold in Germany as well, a localized German version of SugarSync is now available. With the help of the synchronization and online backup service, private and professional users can easily and securely maintain, organize or share their data with third parties.

Laura Yecies, CEO of SugarSync, said, “The need to back up all important information with an online backup while automating the latest version on all devices is growing all around the world.” “More and more people are using SmartPhones, netbooks, laptops and PCs both for their work and privately. At the same time, mobility is increasing and work and private life are increasingly interlinked. Having access to all data on the go also saves a lot of time and effort. ”


The functions of


at a glance:

Synchronization without limits: Synchronize data on multiple devices and access information, documents, music, photos and other data from anywhere at any time. The user can specify which folders should be transferred to all and which only to some devices. The desired transmission takes place automatically. In addition, electronic messages and attachments can be saved and synchronized via a special e-mail address.

Secure online storage: All synchronized data is also backed up as an online backup and is thus always available, either via the browser or via remote access from a terminal device. In addition, SugarSync ensures that all backed up data is always up to date. Updates and changes are automatically transferred to all devices and the backup.

Data sharing: via specially shared folders, files, photos or albums can also be exchanged with third parties. SugarSync supports popular devices and platforms, including mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry or WinMo.

SugarSync for Business

For business use, SugarSync also provides a business version, with the following additional features:

Multi-user administration with flexible storage management, pooled storage, central billing and user administration,

Step-by-step user management with the possibility of assigning individual user accounts different storage limits

TLS encryption for secure Internet communication; Online backups on the SugarSync servers are also encrypted by default with 128-bit AES.

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