Better integration and development of business apps with IBM Rational

With an expanded offering from Rational Software, IBM helps software architects and developers integrate and develop complex applications.

In order for companies to improve their processes and manage different scenarios, they need a holistic view of their solution architecture and IT infrastructure. To achieve this goal, IBM has once again added Rational Software to its portfolio.

With IBM Rational System Architect, impact analysis is now also possible to assess the impact of change. The new version is integrated with IBM Rational Focal Point.

In addition, Big Blue has announced enhancements to IBM Rational DOORS Web Access. These are designed to help companies create new product and project requirements through a simple web browser interface and verify compliance with critical design criteria and specifications.

Developers who previously had little or no experience with service-oriented architectures (SOA) should also be able to use IBM Rational Software Architect for WebSphere to develop a solution that they use to develop their own SOA solutions in a relatively short time intelligent devices and ensure their compatibility. In addition, IBM Rational Software Architect also enables the design and development of next-generation communications services such as click-to-call, integrated voice, video and web.

IBM Rational Rhapsody enhancements help to foster collaboration between development and quality assurance teams and improve specifications, as well as capture and document system architecture designs. In addition, Rhapsody helps evaluate software designs, even before they are written in code.

“Software is the invisible thread that makes smarter products possible,” said Danny Sabbah, General Manager of IBM Rational Software. “This requires a previously unknown level of coordination between companies, partners and customers throughout the product lifecycle. With cross-industry experience, business transformation services and software solutions, IBM can help companies meet these challenges. ”

Fraunhofer algorithm protects streaming content like Flash and Silverlight

In collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology (SIT), Onlinelib has developed the encryption solution OES proTranscode. It uses the Fraunhofer algorithm to provide streaming content for the Internet and mobile devices with video watermarks.

The server-side solution consists of hardware and software components and supports over 40 input and output formats. These include streaming formats such as Flash8 Vp6, Silverlight SmoothStreaming VC-1, Onlinelib x264 + for Flash and Silverlight, Mainconcept H.264 as well as all industrial formats such as XDCAM or Quantel.

The watermark is invisible and according to the manufacturer can not be read by the end user without additional software. In the case of copyright infringement, the digital watermark may serve as evidence of the infringement. For this purpose, Onlinelib provides with OES proTranscode a Watermark Detector, with which rights owners can examine discovered video material for possible copyright infringement. The search for copyright infringements on the Internet can also be commissioned by the Fraunhofer spin-off CoSee.

In addition to the hardware and software solution, Onlinelib will also offer plug-in versions for other platforms in the future. A plugin for the Rhozet / Harmonic carbon coder is already available, and other plugins for other platforms are still in development.

With the complete video watermark solution, customers such as broadcasters, Internet service providers or other media service providers can generate as many watermarks as they want for a fixed price. Onlinelib offers licenses for file-based encoding. The use for presses of DVD, BlueRay or other multimedia formats requires a separate license agreement

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