Getting Rid of Belly Fat Quick

One place where fat accumulates fast is the abdominal part. This should not be surprising as the food is processed in the stomach and if there are any excess fats, it will then be stored to the nearest part of the body. For those who have to deal with abdominal fats, it only takes one workout to solve the problem and burn fats effectively. Even if there are lots of exercises out there, no one should forget the power of abdominal crunches in burning fats.

Abdominal crunches are easy to do but they give blatant results in no time. Because of this, abdominal crunches are referred as the top belly burning exercises by experts. Abdominal crunches are tough to do for the first times but after you get used to it, you will find that it is easy to do.

How to do the crunches

Abdominal crunches do need special equipments. This is how you do it. Lay down on the floor. Let your knees bend upwards while your soles are flat on the floor. Put your hands on the back of your head but not interlocked. The correct hands position should be near the ears. In that position, lift your upper body and try touching your knees with the forehead. when you have done that, slowly get back to the original position. The movement downward should be slower compared to the crunch.

Another method is to raise your upper body halfway, hold there for a moment and go back downwards. This should not be turned into a sit-up exercise as it will give more pressure on the back. A set should be in between 5 and 10 reps. A set of three reps is good enough for a day.

Things to remember when doing abdominal crunches

First thing to do is that your head should always face the ceiling all the time so that you will keep your spine straight the entire duration of the workout. Always make sure that your chin is not touching your chest because if it is so, you will lessen the effect on your belly and will have pressure on your neck.

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To be able to benefit from abdominal crunches, it should be done at an optimum speed. It is not recommended to place your feet on a bench or a higher object while doing the crunches.

Abdominal crunches is a good way to save and reduce belly fat fast. You dont have to spend anything and it can be done anywhere.

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Buy Phen24 For A Sexier You

What are the reasons why men and women should buy Phen24? A lot of people these days are researching and looking for ways to burn fats and calories and to have a sexy body figure. There are those who look on the World Wide Web for tips and strategies on how to easily burn fats. Since a lot of people who wish to burn fats cannot wait forever to achieve their goals, diet pills have been popularly considered and one of these is Phen24.

What is Phen24?

Phen24 is a dietary supplement that basically burns fats. There are loads of positive reviews that can be found in media websites as it is said to be very effective and does not limit to any gender. This dietary supplement can actually be taken by anyone with consent from a doctor.

One of the reasons why a person who wants to burn fats should buy Phen24 is because of the supplement’s ability to control the person’s appetite. The appetite of a person is one of the main reasons why a person gains weight and with the help of Phen24, the person will be able to control his or her food intake. Furthermore, there will be fewer cravings on sweets and junk foods. In line with this, studies on this supplement show that in six weeks, there will be an average weight loss of 25 pounds.
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Another reason why a person should purchase Phen24 is because of its ability to increase the person’s energy level. When a person has a higher energy level, he or she will be able to do more activities without getting exhausted. These constant movements will result to sweating and will burn fats as well.

Aside from appetite control and increase in energy level, Phen24 can also boost the metabolism of a person. A person with a faster metabolism tends to be a lot thinner than those who have slower ones. Phen24 contains ingredients that can increase the speed of a person’s metabolism. The faster the metabolism the sooner the person will burn fats and will later on result to weight loss and slimmer figure.

The Fitness Reboot: Increase Your Pinch Grip Strength

I have some bad news: your hands are weak. That is, assuming you’re a keyboard warrior that doesn’t go rock climbing regularly. True hand strength doesn’t have a place in most people’s fitness routines, and even people who lift weights regularly may be surprised by how weak their hands are.

Then again, maybe you already know.

That’s because there are basically two types of grip strength–crushing and pinching–that utilize two distinct muscle and tendon groups. Crushing strength is what you use in a handshake, and it’s what is typically thought of as grip strength. You can increase your crushing strength through using hand grippers, doing “pulling” exercises such as deadlifts and chin-ups, and generally carrying around heavy stuff.

Your pinch grip isn’t utilized quite as often in everyday life (unless you live with mountain goats). However, it’s important to have a well-developed pinch grip in order to keep your hand healthy and in balance. Plus, when the occasion for a strong pinch grip does strike, you’ll be prepared to leave your onlookers stupefied.

Or just pinch somebody really hard.

Your pinch grip is activated anytime you need to squeeze something tight without being able to curl your fingers in. The most obvious example is carrying a heavy book by pinching down from the top. Of course, you’re not going to be able to increase your pinch grip strength much through books alone (especially if your idea of a book is a tablet with Kindle on it). Weight plates with flat sides are better, but they’re still not designed with pinch training in mind.

Luckily, there are some very specialized pieces of equipment that are built specifically for the task and allow you to progress in weight. The Blockbuster Pinch Grip Block, sold by IronMind, is basically the functional version of my previous book analogy. However, the Blockbuster is built to be clipped into a carabiner, which allows you to increase the amount of hanging weight.

The CFF “Pit Bull” Pinch Grip is designed to work your fingers more evenly by using a circular shape. It will have your fingers cramping in ways you’ve never imagined, but the end result will be noticeably stronger fingers. It can also be attached to a carabiner so that you can vary the weight.

A variation on the theme is the Flying Fingers Grab Bag, also by IronMind. The Grab Bag weighs in at 10 lb and is designed to be thrown around and caught while in motion. This is a nice variation of the previous static exercises, and it gives you chance to practice your hand-eye coordination besides your usual routine of shooting video game bad guys in the face.

If you’re the type of person that says to themselves, “Hmm, I really wish I could learn more about hand strength on a deeper and more scholarly level,” then you’re in luck. They’re are several great books available, including “Mastery of Hand Strength” by John Brookfield and “Grip Strength” by Spindler & Heslep.

No matter your age or station in life, you can benefit from having stronger, healthy hands. Now go forth and pinch something!

PhenQ – Perfect For Weight Loss and More

There are many weight loss products available in the market these days but very few are able to match PhenQ for overall effectiveness. It is very important for people to know this because weight loss is an issue that they take very seriously; an ineffective product will cause a great deal of emotional and physical problems and not just result in a waste of money.

Can PhenQ help me lose weight?

There is no doubt that PhenQ is able to help people lose weight easily. It is specially formulated to
–   Increase the metabolic rate of the user, thereby helping the person burn more calories than he or she would normally be able to. When the person gets excellent results for weight loss efforts then his or her confidence levels will be high, leading to continued efforts. Besides, why wouldn’t a person want to get more results for the same effort?
–   Suppress the person’s appetite so that he or she is able to resist food cravings very effectively. This is a very important aspect of a successful weight loss program because most people are not able to stick to a restricted diet long enough to lose weight sufficiently.

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What makes PhenQ even more remarkable is that it provides benefits over and above weight loss. A person who takes this product on a regular basis and in the correct manner will feel more energetic than normal. This person will therefore have no issue exercising regularly and will also be able to recover quickly after each session. Most people trying to lose weight find it very hard to exercise because they simply have no energy for it.

PhenQ also helps to elevate a person’s mood. People who are heavier than average tend to perceive themselves as unattractive and undesirable and this naturally has a bad impact on their emotional state.

It is very clear to see that PhenQ is a really great product that can help an overweight person in more ways than one. It is no wonder that this is one of the most popular weight loss supplements available in the market these days. Also, it is extremely easy to obtain and does not require a doctor’s prescription. Even so, a person who wishes to start using it should have a talk to a doctor in order to find out if he or she has any medical conditions that might be worsened by this product. When combined with the right diet and regular exercise, this product can work wonders for an overweight person.

Total Body Transformation Review

Christopher Guerriero, who is responsible for a series of weight loss books and programs, is back with Weight Loss Transformation or better known as the Total Body Transformation System.

This program takes you through a step-by-step process that claims to result in increased levels of energy – by improving your metabolism and achieve rapid weight loss.

Aside from Guerrieros expertise, the program offers a safe approach towards weight loss using a holistic combination of various methods that can benefit your inner body.

It includes motivational tips to can get you started on adapting a weight loss technique, increase your metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning machine, develop muscle strength, and increase your energy levels.

Included are further tips and information that will help make your weight loss efforts a success.

Among them is a discussion as to why most diets fail and how you can avoid them.

There are a total of 8 coaching audios available in this program so you can begin by targeting your problem areas then move on to further steps that you must take to improve your appearance.


1. With this program, there is no need to spend countless hours on the gym giving you big savings from gym membership fees.

2. Starvation diet is not a part of this program. Therefore, you can still enjoy your favorite foods while using the Weight Loss Transformation program.

3. Christopher Guerriero is an expert in the diet and nutrition field. He is also the founder for The National Metabolic and Longevity Research Center.

He has the credibility as well as the expertise in various fields including metabolic enhancement, weight loss, and longevity program to produce an effective yet safe weight loss method.

4. There are several user testimonials provided in his website that will give further credibility to the program.

5. There are two essential bonuses if you purchase this program: The Psychology of Weight Loss e-book and The Newly Updated 2 Day Workout E-book.

6. The program comes with an 8-week money back guarantee to ensure that all customers are satisfied.


1. There is really no breakthrough information provided here and most of the information contained are similar to the ones provided in Guerrieros other health and fitness books.


Banking of his expertise alone, Guerrieros Weight Loss Transformation – Audio Coaching Program can be considered a legitimate weight loss program that focuses on mastering your metabolism.

However, if youve been on search for a diet program that really works, then you might have already come across some of the information provided in this book.

While there are a few unique offerings that are products of Guerrieros extensive research, it could be easily replaced by some other diet programs available out there or even one of the books Guerriero have published previously.

Raw Food for Weight Loss

The idea of eating raw food for weight loss is relatively new. But eating raw food to improve health is not new although it is popular with celebrities such as actor Woody Harrelson. Eating a diet of mostly raw food dates back at least to the time of Christ, when a monastic sect called the Essenes ate raw food, following what they believed was the command of Jesus. Although some people eat raw food for weight loss, most raw food fans are looking for improved health and for a more ethical way of living on the planet with our fellow creatures- animals. Weight loss as an incidental side-benefit of eating raw food.

The raw food diet is essentially a vegan diet except nothing is cooked. Raw food fans believe that heating food over 116 degrees F (47degrees C) destroys enzymes that assist digestion. They cite animal studies in which animals fed cooked food became diseased. Advocates say that living food with live enzymes leads to better health and stronger immune systems. They say that our modern diet filled with processed foods and additives and the stresses of contemporary life have made our bodies too acidic. We need alkaline forming raw food to balance out the acidity. These include vegetables, sprouts and grasses, herbs, seaweed and various superfoods. Eating akaline-forming foods can help raw food for weight loss.

There is not universal consensus about what constitutes high raw eating. For the strictest raw food followers, all food eaten must be 100% raw. Most followers of the raw food regime are less strict, eating between 50% and 80% of raw food. Some even include cooked meat from time to time, often for social reasons as eating a 100% raw food diet, so radically different from what most of us are used to, can be hard.

One concern with a raw food diet is food hygiene. Organic fruit and vegetables should be eaten to avoid contamination with pesticides. While you can get maximum amount of minerals and vitamins from most fruit and vegetables in a raw state, some such as broccoli, carrots and tomatoes increase when the food is cooked. Another concern is getting enough calories and nutrition from fruit and vegetables. This may be one reason why so many people are now interested in raw food for weight loss. But it is important not too eat too few calories or your body will not operate properly.

How to use raw food for weight loss

1. Reduce the acidity in your body and balance your diet by eating more organic, raw foods particularly vegetables as well as tonic herbs, seaweeds, sprouts, wheatgrass and superfoods. Vegetables and fruit can be eaten liberally. For weight loss, limit the amount of nuts.

2. Drink sufficient water. Most people are chronically dehydrated.

3. Work on detoxifying all aspects of your life- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This involves dealing with the stresses in your life and any toxic relationships as these can cause you to gain weight. You may need the help of a counselor, friends, spiritual healer, psychiatrist etc to release stuck emotions. Becoming free of toxic relationships is critical to the healing process.

4. As your health improves and with the approval of your doctor, gradually cut down or stop the intake of prescription drugs.

5. Avoid recreational drugs such as cigarettes and alcohol.

What equipment do I need for a raw food diet?

A juicer, blender and a food dehydrator

What food is in raw food diet?

Salads, and cold soup made in a blender. Fresh vegetable and fruit juices made in a juicer. Nuts and nut butters. Dried fruit. Cakes, crackers, fruit and vegetable leathers and similar food are created using a food dehydrator. Alfalfa, buckwheat, lentil, mung bean and other seeds are sprouted.

Should I use raw food for weight loss?

There is no doubt that eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables is very good for everyone. Nutritionists have tried for decades to increase the amount of fruit and vegetables we eat. Most of us eat little fresh fruit and vegetables so wed gain huge health benefits from increasing to even 20% to 50% raw fruit and vegetables. There is a lot of fiber in this diet and it could take a long time to eat meals with plates piled high with salad so that you would feel quite full and be unlikely to overeat. Even if you are tempted to overeat, its better to binge on apples than chocolate mudcake!

Is the raw food diet something you could keep to over a long period of time? Its natural when you make the decision to lose weight, to choose a strict approach which promises many benefits. However it would be counterproductive to start on a disciplined regime of raw food for the sake of weight loss, give up because it is too hard and then overeat in compensation in the classic, damaging yo-yo dieting pattern. You know your body best. If you already love eating fruit and vegetables and are willing to take the time to learn how to eat in this new way, making sure that you eat adequate protein; if youre willing to shop and prepare food in the new special way, raw food may suit you for weight loss. Perhaps youre thinking of easing yourself into a newer, healthier lifestyle by a detox with raw foods without wanting to embark on a mainly raw food diet permanently. A change of diet as radical as this is likely to have side effects such as fatigue and headaches- all part of the healing process. If you like vegetables and fruit and are willing to give yourself a quiet period to let your body detox and heal, and are also willing to continue afterwards with a more healthy diet raw food could work for you.

Lose Your Belly Fat Review

There are several weight loss secrets available in the market that targets the belly fat but most of them offer just about the same information.

However, the Lose Your Belly Fat program offers revolutionary information in helping you lose those excess fats on your belly with just two simple steps.

The first step to helping you lose belly fat according to the Lose Your Belly Fat would come very much as a surprise it is done by eating more.

This is exactly the opposite of what other weight loss systems would tell you and that is to eat less in order to shed off those extra pounds.

However, this program helps you create what was referred to as “starvation protection mechanism”.

In this process, you not only save yourself from starvation but cause your body to reduce the production of Cortisol, also known as the Stress Hormone.

Then Leptin, another hormone that plays an important role if your fat metabolism is released into your body resulting in an increase in your metabolism and thus also speeding up the burning of your fat.

The next step to Lose Your Belly Fat Program is by keeping your exercise short.

Unlike other fitness and exercise programs that require you to spend hours on the gym, extended aerobic exercises actually increase the production of Cortisol that also cause you to gain more belly fat.

By reducing your exercise sessions, you are also lowering your level of Cortisol and maintaining the belly fat burning process.


1. Studies support the claim that short but intense exercises are actually more effective in increasing your metabolism and burning more fat than extended but non-effective exercise routines.

2. There is no need to intake expensive supplements while on this program, which is good for both your health and budget.

3. There is no need to undergo yourself in starvation process so you are not deprived of the food you want.

4. Since this program requires you to shorten your exercise sessions, you can simply perform these exercises at home therefore, you won’t have to pay for expensive gym memberships.

5. This program is only one of few programs available in the market that is designed to burn your belly fat. Hence, the methods of this program are focused on burning off fat in that particular part of the body.


1. The belly fat is one of the most difficult areas of the body to burn off and focusing your diet plan just for this area makes it difficult even more.

Therefore, you really need to pay close attention to what types of food you must not include in your diet to ensure that you keep yourself from gaining back those fats

2. The exercise aspect of the Lose Your Belly Fat program are anaerobic will require some additional learning on your part before you could embark on this program.


The Lose Your Belly Fat program is a legitimate diet program that provides real results and is effective in providing essential information on the types of food that you want to avoid, your dietary choices, and the exercise routine you must follow.

Indeed, the Lose Your Belly Fat Program is one of the few programs available that has successfully combined education and execution.

Cut Calories

How to Cut Calories for Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight you have to be in calorie deficit. And the obvious way to achieve deficit is to cut calories. This means that you should reduce your calorie intake to lose weight, so that you are burning off more calories at the end of each day than you consume through your food. You have to eat the right foods, too. You can’t simple eat 1500 calories of your favourite fatty food and expect to lose weight. You have to eat the foods that mobilize your fat, and that don’t force your body to store fat. But what are the easy ways to cut calories?

The easiest calories to cut from your diet

You might not like it, but if you want to lose weight you will have to cut out the junk food calories, or at least save them for the occasional treat. This means cut out the chocolate, cake, sweets, fizzy drinks, and similar types of foods. Junk foods are loaded with calories, and if you don’t burn them off they will be converted and stored as fat. If you are overweight and holder a few extra pounds, then this is what has happened to you. Over time you have consumed more calories than your body requires, and this excess has been converted to fat. Next you want reduce, not eliminate, your starchy foods. These are foods such as bread, pizza, pasta, and rice. These are good sources of carbohydrate, so you can still eat them to fuel your body, but they tend to be high in calories, so make sure you limit your intake.

Calorie intake to lose weight

Now you know what to eliminate, how much should you eat? For women, the average daily calorie consumption is 2000 calories. And for men it is 2500 calories. If you eat more than these average requirements then you are going to gain weight, as the excess calories will be converted to fat, as mentioned above. But if you cut calories so that you consume less than these average daily requirements then you will lose weight. This is because your body will have to eat in to your fat stores to make up the difference. In 1 pound of human fat there are 3500 calories. So this means a total calorie deficit of 3500 calories will burn off a pound of your fat. Spread this over a week and a daily calorie deficit of 500 calories will help you lose 1 pound per week, every week! I will reiterate this. If you cut calories so you have a daily calorie deficit of 500 calories (so women eat an average of 1500 calories, and men 2000 calories) then you will lose around 1 pound per week.

Other ways to increase calorie deficit

Cutting calories is only one way to increase calorie deficit. There are two other methods at your disposal. The greater your deficit the quicker you will lose weight, so if you want to lose weight fast then a mixture of the methods mentioned so fat should be used. Simply being more active is the next method. Just move around more. It sounds silly, but it has been researched a lot and even has a geeky name: NEAT, or non-exercise activity thermogenesis. It basically means that if you are moving around as opposed to sitting down you can burn up to 3 times the calories without specifically exercising! Think about it. How many hours a week or month do you spend on the phone? Instead of sitting during these calls, get up and move around the room. Or jump off the bus a stop or two earlier on your way to and from work. And take the stairs at work instead of the elevator. And walk to your local shops rather than drive. It really is that simple! And the final one is good old fashioned exercise. Remember, the greater you calorie deficit the quicker your weight loss. And doing the right kind of exercise can burn hundreds of extra calories every session. If you can build up to this, the fat will simply fall off. Combine all the methods above and you will reach your ideal weight, whether you want to lose a stone or more, before you know it!

First determine how much weight you need to lose

Sure, you know you need to lose weight, but it is handy to know from the start how much weight you need to lose. This way you can break your target down into manageable chunks. Set yourself a serious of milestones. If you need to lose a stone, break this down into smaller 3 or 4 pound targets. It’ll help you keep focused. You can use the BMI Calculator to help you determine if you are overweight, and if so by how much. It has a few limitations, but it is a helpful gauge to put you on the right track.

Exercise for Weight Loss and Get Real Results

Should you concentrate on diet or exercise for weight loss ? Its true that of the two, diet is more critical for weight loss but there are so many benefits to exercise that youd be mad not to take advantage of them. Human bodies are built to exercise. Without regular exercise, your body will deteriorate and you wont operate at your full potential. Though you might start exercising to lose weight, youll find that there are many surprising and delightful side-benefits: work is less tiring, leisure time is more fun. Exercise is truly the fountain of youth.

Benefits of Exercise for Weight Loss

Increases your resting metabolic resting rate to burn calories more quickly
Builds muscles (that tone the body and burn calories more quickly)
Makes bones stronger (lessens risk of osteoporosis)
Lessens risk of disease
Greatly reduces risk of heart disease
Increases stamina
Improves lung function
Improves over-all fitness
Improves alertness
Decreases stress
Improves sleep
Improves self esteem
Reduces recovery time from illness
Reduces risk of dementia and Alzheimers
Can lengthen life and improves quality of life
Speeds healing in older adults
Helps joints including knees and hips.

Exercise for weight loss can help you fight negative habits such as over-eating and keep you motivated to lose weight. Many people think that exercise for weight loss is dull and to be avoided at all costs. But to have a fit body is to open the door to a whole new world of fun, healthy activities that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

Do you like beautiful scenery, mountain peaks, traveling in wilderness far from crowds? Perhaps youd love going on gentle walks or more demanding hikes where you sleep out under the stars. Would you love dancing the night away to great music? Would you like to catch up with friends over a game of tennis? Or to help coach your sons football team? Would you like to ski or skate with your daughter? Do you love the water? Perhaps youd like to paddle a canoe or sail or surf. Would you like to cycle through Provence? Here is a tip about exercise for weight loss. First talk to your doctor about the exercise you want to do and get the doctors approval. (This site has many great suggestions.) The first few times you go to a gym class or do an exercise routine at home you may not like it. You may get puffed or tired or bored. Hang in there. Persevere and improve. Dont give up just because you dont like it the first few times. Look around. Are there people who seem to enjoy this exercise or to gain satisfaction from doing it? Its likely you will too. If you are really unsure, ask the instructor if this exercise is suitable for you. If he or she gives you the go-ahead then give it a fair trial-say 10 sessions and see how you feel at the end.

Change Your Relationship To Food

The best way to lose weight is by following a natural plan of diet and exercise that allows you to lose weight naturally over a period of months. A lot of men and women try to lose too much weight too quickly which can result in a number of health conditions and make it harder to lose weight in the future.

When the body senses it is being deprived of food it retreats into starvation mode and makes an attempt to save as many calories as it can as body fat. This is exactly why the majority of diet plans fail because as soon as they are completed the body wants to increase its fat reserves once more so several months afterwards you are back to where you started from. Wanting to lose weight too rapidly also plays havoc with the metabolic process causing it to slow right down and making it increasingly difficult to burn calories. One of the keys to safe weight loss is to try and shed around 1-2 lbs a week since this grants the body time to adjust to its new shape and is the healthy way to lose weight.

To lose weight naturally there are a lot of things that you need to achieve and the first of these is to change your relationship to food. Comfort eating is a serious concern for a lot of women (and men) and can definitely impede any effort to shed weight. It can be very difficult to to prevent desires for comfort foods as from an early age many of us have an emotive attachment with food on some level. The real key to ending comfort eating is to think about the triggers for it and come up with methods for avoiding or handling them. There are lots of very common reasons for comfort eating like boredom, grief, stress and nervousness and after you have determined your trigger you can start finding ways to deal with it.

Very few people realize the power of normal water when it comes to losing weight. By reducing the amount of fizzy beverages, fruit juices and booze that we consume and swapping them with water you can save many calories each day. This really is an easy change to make and being adequately hydrated is furthermore wonderful for the body as well as your skin. Having a tumbler or two of mineral water just before your meals furthermore helps to fill you up and prevent overeating.

Lots of people forget the part that exercise plays in any slimming attempt focussing simply on their diet regime and what they are eating. Although it is possible to lose weight by dieting alone it will take much longer as when you do any kind of physical exercise the body is using up calories from fat at a speedy rate. You will discover easy exercise tips at your local gym or fitness centre and they also can aid men and women of all ages and abilities.

The web is a great place to discover easy tips to lose weight in addition to being a great place to contact other slimmers for help and motivation. You will come across a lot of success stories as well as some amazing recipes which mean that slimming will be made painless for you.